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Wilde Fenris

Lady Lilah Wilde & Mistress Fenris

Wilde Fenris Productions is founded on the passion that Lady Lilah Wilde and Mistress Fenris, have for One Another and for kink.

We discovered Our very different yet complementary styles create extremely unique and pleasurable erotic experiences for Us, Our clients, and Our food.

We enjoy filming and photographing Our indulgences with Each Other, particularly food fetish and domination.

Our favourite sessions are done as a Duo, co-topping or dominating any and everything within Our sphere.

We also organize Dungeon Parties & other kink events.

Contact Us below to learn more about playing with Us.

**NOTE:  Special limited time promo for Duo Domination sessions. We love duo topping so much that we are offering sessions at $450/hr for the both of Us.  It might seem overwhelming, and it will be, in the best possible way.

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Wilde Fenris: About

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Portland, OR, USA

1-800-863-5478, Ext. 11783872

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