Client Confessions

Testaments to Lady Lilah

I met Lady Lilah at 50 Shades of Shut the Fuck Up at Sanctuary, on my birthday, and was immediately struck by Her, and by Her poise & beauty.  She is effortlessly commanding.

Lady Lilah has an empathic Sadism and a wonderfully English approach to applied cruelty and whip-smart humiliation.  She is a masochist's dream, capable of inflicting the entire range of sensation and pain.

I am extremely fortunate to have experienced Lady Lilah's gifted & (luckily for me) heavy hand -- my buns have been glowing from Her singularly Sadistic affection, for a week now, and they & I couldn't be happier  :^)

Lady Lilah's style is rather exploratory -- She will discern how you may amuse Her...

~ Thomas

Lady Lilah Wilde is as skilled and sadistic as she is beautiful. Lilah is an intelligent Domme who expertly weaves a submissive's interests among her own to exquisitely craft a scene. Lady Wilde can read a bottom during a scene and push them to their limits all while making them appreciate her even more for having done so.

~ Matthew

I was allowed to be in the glorious presence of Milady Lilah Wilde today.  My O My!  She led me thru a seamless trip to submissive ecstasy, mixing tenderness and pain in the perfect balance.  And the Sub Rosa environment is just the best Dungeon I’ve seen: so well appointed and clean.  Beautifully furnished in black and red.
Milady pushed my buttons as if she’d used me for years.  I was in a state of awe in less than 5 minutes. 
Her exquisite, intuitive touch sent me to a special submissive place such as I’ve never been.  I mean this.
As soon as I catch my breath (and she’ll have me) I’ll be worshipping at her black lace stockinged feet again.
So Satisfied!

~ Anthony

Thanks for being so welcoming and kind to me during my first female domination experience!

~ David

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