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Lady Lilah Wilde

Professional Dominatrix
Portland, OR.

Cruelty & Culture

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About Me: Welcome

About Me

As a Dominatrix

I have an English accent, and I am highly educated and well-spoken.  I value cruelty & culture.  I am beautifully built on the outside and the inside.

I am a true Lady.  I will dominate you with great discipline, compassion, and a twist of humour.  While I have a vicious sadistic side, at times I am gentle and tender, as I feel My subject needs.

Imagine the cool, crisp accent of a proper English lady, whispering in your ear to tell you how bad you are, and how good, commanding you to indulge in your wildest fantasies and greatest perversions, and bringing you to your knees with intense sensation.  I only require your obedience.

My interests both in and out of the Dungeon are quite broad.  I indulge in a wide variety of BDSM, kink, fetish, sensory and other erotic play, both personally and professionally, with diverse partners of every experience level and background.

I take the utmost care of all that is Mine, because it is Mine.  I never break My toys.  Your safety, consent, boundaries, limitations, and privacy, will always be My highest priority, should you be lucky enough to become Mine.

Keep scrolling to view the Wilde Activities I love.

Contact me so we may plan an incredibly engaging and erotic experience that will excite us both.  Email or call/text me by visiting Niteflirt

About Me: About

Wilde Activities with Lady Lilah

Note that all acts are consensual and agreed upon beforehand.

If it is not on My list, feel free to submit ideas for My consideration.

  • Impact play, flogging, caning, spanking, bastinado

  • Painsluts/heavy masochists

  • CBT/ball busting

  • Foot/shoe worship, trampling

  • Humiliation & degradation (verbal & other)

  • Dirty Talk

  • Sissification/"Forced" feminization, cross dressing, shaving/hair plucking

  • BDSM education/slave training

  • Couples

  • Shopping trips

  • Roleplay

  • Pet Play

  • Watersports

  • Electroplay

  • Food play

  • Face slapping

  • Hair pulling

  • Spitting

  • Nipple torture

  • Exhibitionism

  • Discipline, Punishment, Protocol

  • Servitude

  • Leashing/collaring

  • Chastity/Orgasm denial/JOI

  • Small penis/ball/other humiliation

  • Bondage/restraints (rope, furniture, caging, etc)

  • Human furniture

  • Mummification/cling film

  • Gags

  • Mental Bondage

  • Mindfuckery

  • Sensory Deprivation

  • Distance domination

  • Financial servitude

  • Watersports (select locations)

  • Scat (long distance only)

  • Sploshing

  • Food fetish

  • and more...

What turns Me on most, is exerting my natural Dominance over willing subjects.  These are the ways I enjoy and indulge Myself.  Be obedient and humble, and I may reward you with My Dominance.

Contact Me so we can create the perfect fantasy together.  Email or call/text me by visiting Niteflirt

About Me: About

Submit to Lady Lilah

Want to schedule a session?
Questions or special requests?
I’d love to hear your naughtiest thoughts.

1-800-863-5478, Ext. 11783872

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Thanks for submitting!

About Me: Contact

Etiquette and Rules

Lady Lilah will Lay Down the Law

What May I Give You as Tribute?

My undivided time and attention in a specially customized session just for you.  $300 per hr.

For the first session to get to know each other, 90 min is recommended, but not required.  $375 per 1.5 hr

Sessions beyond 4 hrs or overnight can be negotiated, with clients I know and have an ongoing relationship with.  No sex, none, ever.

First time meet and greet at a nice coffee shop or bar, to chat face-to-face. $100 per ~ 45 min.

Additional people may be accommodated for the above sessions for additional Tribute.  How much will depend on what we plan.  I enjoy working with couples, friends, voyeurs as well.  I also love to work with other professionals, such as other professional dominants.

For the right clients, I may be available for dinner dates or special events, but on a case by case basis, and always compensated.

Travel is a favourite hobby, so I could be persuaded to go nationally or internationally for the right adventure. Travel expenses, accommodations, and compensation for My time must be made.

Distance domination can be discussed in detail.

Financial servitude as well.

A great way to Tribute Me is my Gift List Amazon Wishlist.

Tribute is for time only. I do not offer full body worship, or full or partial nudity. No sex of ANY kind is implied or offered.

What are your limits, Lady Lilah?

I do not "switch" or submit.  I am too naturally Dominant.  Even to ask Me shows me you haven't done your research, which reflects poorly on you and your ability to please Me.

No forms of medical play, including medical role play, needle play, urethral sounding, real blood play or intentional skin breaking, toilet play. 

I do not allow nude or full body worship, and I do not perform full or partial nudity.  No face-sitting, ass worship, queening.

Anyone that asks for a session and asks to touch any perfect part of Me besides My feet, will be refused outright.

I do greatly enjoy foot/shoe worship.  I consider even the slightest touch of My skin to be the highest honour that any submissive can ever receive, especially My beautiful feet. 

I reserve the right to specify and refuse any physical contact at any time I choose.

I do not write this to kink-shame anyone. Everyone is unique, with their own experiences and preferences, that makes them who they are.  You may discuss with Me any of your kinks and fantasies, without asking to exceed My limits on My list, and fear no judgement.

However, I expect attention and total obedience to My limits and boundaries, just as I will respect yours completely.

Any violation of these limits, and our interactions will end immediately, and all Tribute is Mine as it was your Gift to Me.

Can you teach me?  Do you work with couples?


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Distance Domination


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